executive  profile

Jared S. Cameron

Jared Cameron’s public relations and public affairs career combines experience in media, government service, international public relations and executive preparation for media encounters, culminating in a two decade-long specialization in corporate and country image public relations.

He began his career as a writer for a Washington, D.C. daily newspaper. Subsequently, he worked as a reporter on the staff of a nationally syndicated columnist and as a freelance writer for several national publications. As a U.S. Navy journalist, he reported for Stars and Stripes and edited internal Navy publications.  His radio and television experience began as a panelist on a nationally syndicated interview program.  At home with electronic media, he produced and narrated a weekly Far East Network radio program and appeared in hundreds of U.S. Navy video news releases.  More recently, he authored the @Silicon Island column for COMPUTER USER Magazine and publications around the United States. 

For more than three years, his AT LARGE column attracted a dedicated following in Taipei’s English language China News.  On behalf of clients, he has authored advertorials and supplements in international publications including Time, Fortune Forbes and Global Finance magazines.  He has held a variety of government positions, with particular focus toward the legislative branch. 

He served as a U.S. Senate employee, an assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture for Congressional Liaison and as a speechwriter to members of the U.S. House of Representatives. He has run for public office as a candidate for the Virginia state senate, managed campaigns in statewide races. And served on state advisory boards.

A graduate of Sophia University in Tokyo, he was a pioneer Japan area and language specialist.  He served as chief copy writer at a Tokyo public relations agency, Japan marketing manager for a U.S. equipment manufacturer and as general manager of a tourism and trade development firm with both public and private sector clients.  During three years in Hong Kong, he was the account executive managing the Hong Kong Tourist Association’s international programs.

As account executive, vice president, senior vice president and executive vice president at The Hannaford Company, Inc., he put his media and government experience to work, heading the firm’s Media and Platform Preparation Unit.   The Unit’s ‘pupils’ included senior corporate executives, diplomats, a former governor of Virginia and a former Vice President of the United States. Practicing what he preached, he served as spokesman for clients involved in national controversies, maintaining liaison with nation print and electronic media representatives.

At the same time, he successfully planned ‘emergence’ strategy for several high-tech start-up companies.  In addition to directing investor relations, he was often called upon to bridge a growing ‘understanding gap’ between the technology sector and public policymakers in Washington.

It was also at The Hannaford Company that his extensive public affairs public relations and experience was leveraged into the corporate and country image practice. Major clients in this field included Saudi Arabia; Subaru of America; The National Association of Manufacturers; The Travelers; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC; and the Office of the President of Mexico. 

For nearly six years he developed and directed the China External Trade Development Council (CETRA) Image Enhancement Program for Taiwan Products public relations program in Taipei.  Vital to this assignment were his activities assisting Taiwan IT enterprises – both startups and established firms – in branding and promotional operations.

After returning to the United States, he became managing partner of image.com International. At ICI, he has continued work in the country image field doing assignments for Pro Export Colombia and other organizations. He works on comprehensive corporate and brand image development for three growing Taiwan-based IT manufacturers and acts as a consultant to a major division of Royal Philips Electronics. As vice president of public relations at Simplexis, creating and implementing public relations programs that helped gain that San Francisco Internet start-up both venture capital funding and recognition as a leader in its field.

A ‘child of Capitol Hill,’ he continues an active public affairs practice, devising and implementing strategies that help U.S. and international clients gain a share of voice in policy and regulatory discussions.

He is fluent in spoken and written Japanese and likes to think he is occasionally understandable in Mandarin Chinese and German.