“Colombia, with its strategy for the creation of a new country image, with an interrelated tourism brand, constitutes a good model for other countries that have to face analogous situations.”


“Colombia has proved to be one of the of the most successful in surmounting past difficulties.  It now stands as a model capable of inspiring others to use similar formulas to conquer their fundamental challenges.”


“The Organization believes that Colombia’s case can serve as a role model for other countries in similar circumstances.”


“(Colombia’s) communication strategy is a reflection of the new reality in the country and the results obtained from its arduous, bold and sustained effort to change the old image.”


“The Colombian institutions have been able to develop and implement a brand strategy that meets the highest technical demands of present day communications.  Conceptually, they have defined what the brand is and its objective.”


“The development of the campaign follows a flexible code, which allows the incorporation of all the stakeholders involved through a shared brand management system.”

Excerpts from a report by the UN’s World Tourism Organization, titled “Colombia: Back on the map of world tourism,”  released in January 2009.  It was prepared by German Porras Olalla, the former long-time Secretary for Tourism for Spain and the architect of Spain’s long-running, successful country image campaign.

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